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David is happy to perform to as many can fit into the venue - from Reception to Year 9 and beyond - whole year-groups or whole schools.  It also works very with “class” or "double-class” sized groups, so that not only can the activities be geared to their abilities, but also more pupils will have a chance not only to witness, but also to “have a go” at many of the activities themselves.  A venue and group size in which they can work as well as watch is therefore best of all.   

Mathmagics and Maths Circus

Interactive, highly active, great fun

and quite unforgettable!

Maths !

Challenging, active, fun

and quite unforgettable..!

Maths Circus

A great way to improve your pupils’ numeracy skills

and develop some dynamic new teaching techniques along the way.

Thanks for coming - the kids had a great time

and staff learned a lot about maths too !!! 

Thanks for your excellent service !

Donna McCrae, St William of Perth School, Rochester - 2010

Reception, Y1 and Y2 -

Although "Mathmagics” was originally targeted at Key Stages 2 & 3, David has now successfully adapted certain activities to suit younger children too - even some nursery classes.  The children and teachers always have great fun whilst learning about maths in all its guises...!

Comments from John Shelton Primary School in Coventry include: 

“The children really enjoyed it. They thought he was really funny. They were really interested!”  Year 1

"I would definitely use the strategies to learning again: I thought there some great ideas and the children loved it. I will definitely be using the ideas in my lessons."  Year 2

"I thought it was great, really good.   I enjoyed it and so did the children!"  Year 5


A dynamic and inspiring tour of Maths stories and tricks, demonstrating its history, importance and uses across the world...!  

Maths Circus:

Developed alongside AST Maths teacher Nick McIvor,  is a dynamic, two-day, highly active and fun set of workshops for groups of around 60, leading to a circus-themed performance given by the pupils and based entirely on Maths...!  

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Mathmagics is an interactive show, adaptable to suit all levels and timings, using props and many an intrepid volunteer…!

Each group will experience different activities, tailored to their abilities, which can then be shared after the event.  

Fun, exciting and frequently.... quite amazing….!!

To find out more about Mathmagics as a teacher-training event, email David here.

“That’s magic!” exclaimed a pupil.  

“Yes -  Mathmagics !

Teachers also learn a suite of new and highly active and interactive teaching methods to bring their classes to life and help pupils practise and improve their numeracy skills.  

Maths Circus works best for Years 5 to 7, though its activities can be adapted to older and younger pupils too.

Working with groups of up to around 20-25 pupils, two facilitators guide each group through the activities, developing their specialist “acts” which at the end of Day Two they all share with each other in the form of a spectacular Maths Circus Show !

Each group’s session can last up to 90 minutes and we can work with up to three groups in a day.

“It was really funny.

I never thought maths could be fun until he came in and it inspired me to try harder in maths and to have a go..”

Georgina Felisi*

“The maths tricks are brilliant. It really helped me with my maths work. Now I am even faster than my teacher.”

Yan Jumpaengjan*

“The lesson was fun and creative. The methods really

help me in my maths lessons.”

Olivia Hall*

* Year 7 pupils - Great Marlow School, Bucks.

Thanks for a great day yesterday.  The kids and parents all had a great time. 


I was very impressed with the energy of the performance and the way you were able to deliver a presentation that enthralled the whole group despite their ages ranging from 5 to 12. A fab afternoon!

Gary Larkin, Chair, West Sussex NAGC Explorers - Nov 2011

The workshops were very entertaining and made maths fun!

The assembly in the morning got children and teachers talking about maths and the amount of resources that David brought along made it visual, practical and engaging.


The year 6 teachers were impressed with the way that it challenged the children and follow up work could be done.  The Year 2’s enjoy the times table juggling and the ability to talk about maths in general. 

A big thank you to David for the day!

Ms Malik

Maths Leader

Wendell Park Primary School


“I’ve been teaching for fifteen years and that was the Best Maths Presentation I’ve ever seen.  It’d make a terrific teacher training session too - to help us get the very most from all our maths resources.”

Patrick Mills, Year 5 Class Teacher

Mathmagics, Orchard Primary School, Hackney, March 2013

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“I just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic workshops that you delivered on Friday. 

The children were so engaged, due to your enthusiasm and brilliant activities you planned.”

Charlotte Baker, Lower School Leader

“After this week and your assembly, I’ve found Maths to be my favourite !”

Paige, Y5 Pupil

“That was fantastic!”

Ms Sayer, TA

Mathmagics, Cuxton Junior School, Rochester, March 2014

“It was amazing.  Everyone loved it.  The feedback has been amazing: Absolutely fantastic!”

Jenny Bond, Maths Day Co-ordinator

Orchard Primary School, Hackney, March 2014

From the Institute of Telecommunication Professionals’ Christmas Lectures 2016:

“A major success!  Venue, good. Presentation; one of the best of the Christmas Family group which I have been involved with!!! David is a real "find".

David Hall is a exceptional, delightful, gentle man who lights up the room with his presentation. Way before David was scheduled to begin, he engaged with his audience and shared different parts of the information which he brings linking into the various pictures, documents etc which were placed all over any available place within the room.

We did not get a hour; we got nearer 1.5hours and he could have kept going all afternoon. The audience were thrilled, thoroughly entertained, totally involved and went home happy and delighted that they had gained knowledge & been treated to a fantastic show!”

Martin Ingram - Event co-ordinator, the ITP

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