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The renowned diarists Samuel Pepys and John Evelyn burst into the room

in the very  midst of the Great Fire of London of 1666...!!

How can they fight it?  What have they seen and heard?  

And what if it happened now?  In your very town or city..?!

How would you rebuild it...?!

Using contemporary accounts, modern research and the words of these two great diarists, David Hall and Clive Greenwood recreate the drama, panic, sights and sounds of "The Most Lamentable Conflagration" - and lead your pupils to consider: how would they rebuild their area if they were to start again from scratch...?

We consider:

What was it actually like to be there - and what were people’s responses to the disaster?  How did they fight it and what were its possible causes?  Then using maps of the actual proposals we ask the pupils to decide which they think would be the best design for the rebuilding of the city and present their ideas to the King himself - before going on to reveal how London was actually rebuilt.

Finally, we pose the questions:

What if your town or city were destroyed? 

What’s important to you? How would you rebuild it?

Which in turn can lead to many further projects,

for which we provide many further suggestions.

A Dynamic Delivery of an Historical Project looking to the future 

which may be linked to

the widest range of curriculum areas.

David Hall and Clive Greenwood as Samuel Pepys and Sir John Evelyn

Humour, Wit, Drama

and an Unforgettable launch to a Fascinating Project.

What would you do...?!

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In addition to his Scientific Historical Characters,

David works alongside actor Clive Greenwood bringing to life many other Great Figures of the past

and actress Verity Hewlett, delivering Heritage Drama workshops and an unforgettable extract from the 15th century

“Adventures of Robin Hoode..!”

For more information about Clive’s work (Theatre Museum, Maritime Museum, Science Museum, Imperial War Museum, V&A et al)

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To watch Messrs Brunel and Stevenson debating and relaxing at the

Beaulieu Steam Revival 2010....

Bringing History to Life!

“Harnessing the forces of Nature”

Michael Faraday meets James Watt

Originally commissioned for Leicester’s

Abbey Pumping Station

the two Giants, who helped us harness the Forces of Nature herself, meet to discuss the relative virtues of Steam and Electricity. 

How do their inventions work and what modes of transportation will they eventually produce?

Bringing Science to Life!

The Great Georgian Science Show

The Great Fire of London

Faraday meets Watt

Brunel versus Stephenson

Robin Hoode meets Friar Tuck

and more...!

Shrinking Britain

Brunel and Stephenson

Originally developed for


2010 Steam Revival Show at

Beaulieu Motor Museum

the friends, sometime rivals and prolific Engineers who between them constructed over 3000 miles of railways in the UK alone, finally meet to discuss how their work changed Britain and indeed

the structure of society itself. 

From the Battle of the Gauges to friendship through adversity, Brunel and Stephenson: the men who reshaped our world forever ! 

“Packed with Science, History - and Jokes...!”

“Great fun, Interactive and Highly Informative too !”

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Mr Brunel entertains and educates a rapt audience..!

Messrs Brunel and Stevenson pose by a great steam engine.

Note the electrical generator mounted at the front..!

The Beaulieu Steam Revival

...click on the photo below !

Robin Hoode meets Friar Tuck..!

Inspire and Involve all your pupils..!!

In a fabulous, genuine mummers play scene Robin Hoode (Verity Hewlett) meets and puts to the test a larger than life Friar Tuck (David Hall), with some pupils themselves portraying his very own Merrie Men - and Women..!

This superb scene is full of fun, quarterstaff fights and slapstick as well as genuine 15th century dialogue.  It’s impossible not to enjoy and will have your whole school cheering their heroes..!  (It can also form the basis of some creative writing using alliteration, rhyme and some wonderful vocabulary..!)

Following the scene, David and Verity, will run dynamic workshops in UK Heritage and traditions, songs and dances - or even some Shakespeare, if you prefer.  Alternatively, the workshops can run through the day with the pupils’ performances and the Robin Hoode scene making a fitting and grand finale to the day..!

An unforgettable day for all your pupils..!

To view a video - click the images below..!  
For another - click here..!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STKi78qc_Ck

The Great Fire of London..!

Brand New for 2017…!

The Great Georgian Science Show..!

An epic adventure in Science..!

The Great Georgian Science Show is a fantastic and hilarious new interactive show, packed with science, created for and premiered at the Stamford Georgian Festival 2017.

Meet 13 amazing Georgian Scientists whose work laid the foundations for our modern world. 

Covering Optics (Sir Isaac Newton), Botany (Sir Joseph Banks), Engineering (Newcomen and Watt), Medicine (Jenner), Astronomy (William and Caroline Herschel), Physics (Henry Cavendish), Geology (John Michell), Chemistry (Joseph Priestley) and Electricity (Franklin, Galvani and Volta) - this fantastic new show will give you an insight into just how amazing our Georgian ancestors were and how their work changed Science and the World forever..!

Available for Festivals, Theatres and Schools now…!

This (literally) wonderful show comes with full details and a teachers’ pack for future work.

“Wonderful” “Amazing” “Great fun”

Audience Members at the Stamford Georgian Festival 2017

If you’d like to see a video clip, click here..!

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