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Communicate with Impact

David offers fun, dynamic and highly applicable workshops for Teachers and STEM Presenters, customisable and adaptable to suit all levels, subject areas and experiences.

Communicating with Impact

Cornwall Learning

Talk for Learning Conference 

“I was really pleased and the evaluations were excellent”

Wendy Delf, Lead Consultant for English and Drama, Cornwall Learning

Teachers’ testimonials - secondary and primary - all subject areas:

  1. Inspiring

  2. Enjoyable and participation enabled me to learn how to improve my communication.  Thanks!

  3. Great fun and very useful!

  4. Good fun

  5. Great fun

  6. Great to be active after lunch – useful, practical and fun!  Learnt a lot

  7. Fantastic, engaging – and confidence enhancing in an area where I wouldn’t necessary anticipate this!

  8. Flamboyant!

  9. So useful – and so necessary – we need to do this more with our student teachers

  10. Real eye-opener – very stimulating

  11. Very fun and thought provoking.  My communication skills actually improved in this section

  12. Funny!

  13. Very interesting – took me totally out of my comfort zone.

  14. Fun and practical

  15. Wow outside my comfort zone

  16. A little out of my comfort zone – allowed me to think about delivery.

  17. Very engaging and fun!

  18. Brilliant! Going back to video staff!

  19. Very useful, enthusiastic, lots of examples, interesting software

  20. Practical useful techniques

  21. Great fun! Useful for staff training

  22. Good fun and interactive

  23. Excellent

Training & Development Teachers & STEM Communicators

Mathmagics for Teachers

Mathmagics for teachers

“I’ve been teaching for fifteen years and that was the

Best Maths Presentation I’ve ever seen.

A superb teacher-training event!”

Patrick Mills, Year 5 Class Teacher, Orchard Primary School, Hackney

March 2013.

David offers bespoke interactive workshops to give you and your colleagues a suite of activities to bring your maths lessons to life. 

Drawing on his lifelong experience of professional teaching and coaching in schools and offices around the world, his educational shows and a deep knowledge of a broad range of presentation skills, David will share some of his Mathmagical tricks, answer questions and help teachers with challenges, as well as looking at the effective use of props and the art of structuring unforgettable presentations.

He’ll will share some “tricks of the trade” from his experience, from over twenty years as a professional actor, working with Johnny Ball, coaching executive clients globally and delivering unforgettable maths and science shows  (and Shakespeare and Drama workshops) to all levels and experiences.

He will also share some terrific activities that teachers can readily use with their classes either in large spaces such as a hall or or playground or in their classrooms.  These include creative and fun ways to learn and reinforce multiplication tables, teach factors, prime numbers and place value and much more.  These activities work superbly with class-sized groups but require too much set-up time (or too small group sizes) for him to effectively use them in his standard Mathmagics days.  However, for individual teachers they are a terrific resource.

With his knowledge and experience in teaching Leadership Presence in the corporate world, David will also be happy to share techniques to boost your Presence and Impact too, as well as help you craft Mathmagical presentations to make the very most of your school’s Maths resources and bring all your Maths lessons wonderfully to life..!

Boost your Mathmagical techniques to Inspire, Motivate and Engage your pupils of all levels to help them fall in love with and get the Very Most from their Maths !

To find out more or discuss possibilities

email David at


or call him on 07973 429 716

For many years, alongside his Schools work David has been running training programs and coaching executives globally in Personal Presence, Communication Skills and Leadership Presence programs - for The Ariel Group, in Boston, MA, and many other training organisations.  He now brings these skills together, as a STEM communicator and an Executive coach, offering a series of bespoke workshops specifically designed for teachers and fellow STEM Communicators.

For further details and to discuss possibilities email David here.

Clients have included Cornwall Education, @Bristol,

the Women’s Engineering Society (WES),

Bucks Learning Trust (Triple Science Conference),

The British Interactive Group and more...

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Engage your Audiences

“Thank you so much for such a fabulous session on Monday. We all found so it incredibly useful and your tips and techniques are already passing into every day parlance. There have been loads of really positive comments about your session from the team – you really are a master of what you do. Thank you for sharing it with us.”

Katy Nehammer, Informal Learning Manager, At-Bristol