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Professional Actor and Science Teacher David Hall presents unforgettable, dynamic and interactive workshops and shows in Shakespeare, Maths, Science, History and Drama.

Always a great hit with staff and pupils alike, David’s work provides an unforgettable experience they will refer back to for years to come.

He also runs popular, bespoke CPD/Training Workshops for Teachers of all subjects and levels and professional Science Communicators to build their skills and maximise their Presence, Impact and more.

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David Hall

07973 429 716

www.davidhall.info                   davidshall@mac.com

Another huge thank you for today!  I have had such good feedback from children and adults - all of whom really enjoyed the show.  It really was a great start to a really successful day, so thanks so much and hope to see you again!


Lisa Sweeney, Deputy Head

Gospel Oak School

(Michael Faraday Show - January 2011)

The children had a wonderful time and were fully engaged with your excellent presentation / performance. The combination of graphics, "storytelling" and demonstrations involving children really brought the great man

and his achievements to life. 

Thank you for the experience!

Ruth Roberts

Benenden Primary School

(IK Brunel Show March 2011)

"I was totally 'blown away' by your performance and the fantastic amount of science it contained - all delivered in a very interesting, accessible, fun and memorable way.   

The kids were hugely impressed and talked about it all the way back to school.

I'm sure you've inspired them all."


Andy Collison, Teacher, Kinsale Junior -   The Michael Faraday Show  -  Norwich School.

“David is absolutely brilliant - in the largest sense of the word !”

Stephen Holt, teacher, performer &facilitator

Drama Workshop, Boston, MA 2009

A massive thank you so much for everything you did today. Once again you amazed, amused and edutained everyone here.  We all learned new things today and that is one of the real pleasures of your visits.  You are really so good at what you do and it makes no difference how many times I see one of your shows it's always as good as the joy of the first. Also, the whole day is made so much easier by how professional and prepared you are that you can just unpack and go.

Michelle Gooch

Norwich School

(Michael Faraday Show May 2011 - 6th visit!)

Enjoy the site!

David Hall

07973 429 716

www.davidhall.info                   davidshall@mac.com


Richie Kennedy, Teacher -  IK Brunel show - Redruth School

“David has been a wonder - I highly recommend him!”

Marie Callinan -  Shakespeare Masterclasses  - Cowes Enterprise College

Shakespeare, Science, Maths and more...!!


Katy Nehammer  -  Staff Development Workshop  -  @Bristol

A major success! 

David Hall is a exceptional, delightful, gentle man who lights up the room with his presentation.

Martin Ingram -  Co-ordinator  -  “Mathmagics” for The ITP Christmas Lectures 2016